TeamSpeak 3

Our friendly community can often be found on our dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server during a multitude of games. If you don't fancy a game, drop into the general lounges to shoot the breeze with the regulars instead - everyone is welcome. You can see who's online right now to the right in our live server browser. If you have the TeamSpeak 3 software already installed onto your PC, you can simply click a room from the right and you'll be connected to it automatically. If you don't have the software installed, it can be downloaded for the following supported systems:

You can also directly connect to the server address at within the client.

TeamSpeak 3 guidelines

Use of our TeamSpeak Server constitutes acceptance of the guidelines below. These rules are a separate extension to the Site Rules & Guidelines that cater specifically to address safeguarding a service that is more open to abuse, and apply to all users of the service.

  1. No user under the age of 13 is permitted to use the service. Our servers are based in the UK, where it is currently illegal for minors under 13 years of age to register at a website to use it's services. Further information is available in our Privacy Policy & Legal Compliance section.
  2. Recording the voice channels or any other behaviour that violates our Privacy Policy (including live streams), is prohibited.
  3. Keep usernames unique and clean. For example, calling yourself geekl33tgamer1 would be disallowed, as would any username containing inappropriate language.
  4. Excessive use of the Poke feature will see you removed pretty quickly from the server. Use this if only absolutely necessary.
  5. Advertisements or recruitment in any form for any other gaming community is not allowed. This can be in the form of a verbal exchange or posting links to the chat feature. Just don't do it.
  6. You should be respectful to other users and administrators in TeamSpeak. Things may get heated from time to time, but you should still be civil in your use of language.
  7. Excessive use of inappropriate language, including racism and sexual discussion, is prohibited.
  8. Users are not allowed to use voice changers, or stream music into a channel unless the channel is specifically for that purpose.
  9. Guest users can be removed from the server if it's full, and a registered member is attempting to join. It's free to register if you find you keep getting removed at busy times.

General server use & best practices

These are not rules, but are a few tips we like to offer users who are new to TeamSpeak 3 that help keep the server a little more organised.

  1. When joining a channel, it is polite to pause for 5 seconds to see if anyone else is talking before you interrupt. If it is urgent then you may politely interrupt, provided more than 5 seconds has passed since you joined the channel.
  2. When your playing a game, or wish to engage in general discussion, move to the appropriate channel. Please try to avoid loitering in the Welcome Lounge wherever possible.
  3. Registered users can create guest channels on the server. Contact an admin to become registered on the server. User created rooms are only temporary, and will self delete once everyone leaves the channel.
  4. Keep the use of the file transfer service to a minimum. If I find it's being abused, it will be disabled.

What happens if I break a rule?

Depending on the severity of the infraction, a different course of action may be taken, but the usual practice is to issue a 3 stage warning system. This means that users who breach minor rules can face up to 3 warnings in any 12 month period. The warning and the reason given will be pinned to your user account page so others can see it. Anything higher than this, and it will be assumed you will not learn your lesson, so you will receive a permanent ban. You will never be able to visit the forum again.

Users will receive an immediate ban at our discretion, if the infraction is a severe violation. We will not inform the user first, and the matter may be passed onto the local authority to deal with if necessary. There is no appeal, as the decision is final. Only site Administrators can permanently ban a user. Moderators can issue bans for up to 28 days in duration.

I need to report abuse or have a question

If you are having difficulty with another user of the server, please report it to us immediately so we can take action. Server administrators and Moderators can be identified on the server by a Green or Red "S" on a shield next to their username. You can report users within TeamSpeak 3 directly by right-clicking on the users name and choosing the file a complaint if no staff are present on the server. Alternatively, you can post a message to our forums by sending a private message to any Admin or Moderator. Please include your TeamSpeak 3 user ID as well as the details of the other party in all complaints.